The Steaming Isles, located in the southeast of Zakhara's Crowded Sea, were very unusual. Unexplored by denizens of the mainland, these islands, shrouded in mist and covered in sub-tropical forest, were inhabited and ruled by intelligent, talking animals.


The chain was made up of six large island surrounded by numerous smaller islands. From west to east these were Jaqal (Jackal), Baz (Hawk), Gazal (Gazelle), Hayyat (Snake), Sunn (Swallow) and Nimr (Tiger).


The animal inhabitants of the Steaming Isles in general acted like normal animals, but still had formed society structures similar to those found in Enlightened Zakhara, with a Shah ruling over each island. Each Shah was of the species of the island's name. The supreme ruler was Padishah Jaqal.



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