Steeping Falls was an ancient barony that encompassed the lands surrounding modern-day Daggerford.


Founded by the Shoon outlaw, Artor Morlin in 133 DR, the barony was located just to the west of Athalantar but between the Realm of the Stag and Halangorn Forest on the north bank of the Delimbiyr. It served as a crossroads for traders travelling on and along the river. Morlin eventually allowed his realm to fall, preferring the life of a mercenary captain battling the forces of the Imperium. By 403 DR Artor's home - Morlin Castle - had fallen into ruin and had gained a reputation for being haunted by undead and other monsters. It would take more than five hundred years for people to stop avoiding the castle and Castle Daggerford was built upon Morlin Castle's foundations. However a remnant of Morlin Castle could be accessed via the Ethereal Plane that was used by Artor Morlin as an emergency redoubt.