A stegosaurus (pronounced: /stɛgˈsɑːrʌssteg-o-SAR-us[4]) was a gargantuan, herbivorous, herd dinosaur found in Chult.[3]


These dinosaurs were immense and had many defenses to protect them from their many predators. Along their spine from head to tail were a set of alternating bone plates. Their tails ended with a collection of sharp spikes,[3][1] which were a yard (one meter) long.[1] They had short legs with hoof-like feet.[3]


A stegosaurus would use the plates on its back to distribute heat from the sun.[3][1]

They walked on four legs but could rear up to reach the leaves on tall trees.[3]

They had very tiny brains and so were not very intelligent.[3][1] They tended to stick together in herds of five to eight animals.[3]


If threatened, a stegosaurus would continuously turn away from the threat, keeping its spiked tail toward the potential enemy.[1] If attacked, a stegosaurus would kick with its forelegs, much like a horse, or it would thrash out with its spiked tail. A stegosaurus was particularly dangerous if charging, and it could easily trample smaller creatures underfoot.[3]


Stegosauruses, like most dinosaurs, originated in Chult.[3]


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