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Mornmaster Stellaga Brightstar is the soft-spoken and diplomatic high priestess [1] of the Morning temple in Archenbridge. Dedicated to her work, Stellaga encourages growth among the Arkhenfolk while taking little time to indulge in her more secret indulgences. These include dancing, adventuring and becoming romantic with people from far away.[2]


Typically a gentle and resserved leader, Stellaga can occasionally be quite an upstart. On one occasion, Belorn "Battleaxe" the barbarian spent an exhausting night trying to escort both her and Jalia Mossgreen through a party thrown by the Arkhen clan at the gardens of Halanthaver House. The two ladies almost came to blows over Belorn, who bore bruises for months after the night when he foolishly tried to protect them from each other.[2]



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