Stelwyn Russlewood was a female human cleric of Iyachtu Xvim and an agent of Zhentil Keep based in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s DR.


Stelwyn was forthright in speech and tended to be destructive. She was cruel and enjoyed bullying those weaker or less fortunate than herself. Although not shy of her faith in Iyachtu Xvim, she preferred to keep quiet her affiliation to Zhentil Keep.


A young woman, she had midnight-black eyes and hair.


In addition to commanding the prayers of a cleric, Stelwyn was an authlim, a specialty priest of Xvim. As such, she was immune to fear spells but could surround herself with an aura of fear once a day; she could conjure an aura of protection from good and freely call upon Xvim to heal her wounds, once each a day.


Stelwyn wore bracers of defense, a cloak of protection +2, a girdle of hill giant strength, a ring of free action, and ring of protection +3, and swung a +3 footman's mace in a fight. She carried a holy symbol of her god Xvim, and typically had six vials of unholy water. She got around on a light warhorse.[1]


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