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Steven E. Schend is a fantasy writer and game designer.


Schend was born in 1967 and his childhood was heavily fantasy-influenced. He previously worked as a teacher, a street sweeper, a curb builder and a landscaper before gaining employment in fantasy, where he has worked for over fifteen years. He is a former game designer and editor for TSR, Inc., Wizards of the Coast, Bastion Press, Green Ronin, and Goodman Games, as well as a former substitute teacher in Washington and Wisconsin.

He is currently an adult instructor of World Building for Writers and Game & Adventure Design workshops/seminars. He also teaches college classes at various venues, including Kendall College of Art & Design. He claims his favorite role is spokesperson for the denizens of the Forgotten Realms.

He is also currently working on a novel in his "Vanguard" universe and a non-fiction World-Building book for writers.



Undermountain adventures;



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