Still Waters was an inn located in the eastern part of the village of Elmwood on the southern side of the Moonsea.[3]


It was a two-story building run by master brewer, Enrad Daleborn, a friendly man whose ale was sought after in the area and a favorite of the River Lis ferry crewmen.[3]


The inn was owned by Enrad Daleborn, an honest hardworking man of plain looks, who loved to brew the finest amber drink in the region. Elenawen, one of his serving girls, aspired to become an acolyte of Selûne. While a serious-minded woman, Elenawen loved to flirt with charming human and half-elf men who frequented the establishment.[1]


  • A bed, bath, food, and drink for 3 gp[2]
  • Stable for horses an additional 2 gp[2]


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