Stone fountain was a powerful arcane spell that could not just knock over stone towers and walls, but also lift and hurl them too.


Stone fountain was a variant spell of towerfall, which quite simply lifted and knocked over huge stone structures, like castle towers, bridges, and city walls. Stone fountain extended this power to hurling the debris across the land. For example, a stone structure could be lifted up to three times its height into the air and thrown back down again, launching stone blocks in all directions except a 120° arc selected by the caster.


Inhil "Hurler-of-Stars" Lauthdryn, the Magister from 1282 DR to 1294 DR, had a special love of blowing up castles, hence his creation of towerfall and stone fountain. He took the secrets of the spells to his grave in the Year of Deep Moon, 1294 DR.[1]



  • No other mechanical information is given in the source.


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