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A stone giant is a type of giant.[3]

Physical descriptionEdit

Adult stone giants average about 18 feet in height and weigh 1,700 pounds. Stone giants prefer to fight using ranged weapons such as boulders but if forced into melee they wield gigantic stone clubs.[3]


Stone giants have an excellent sense of smell and have infravision to 200 feet (60 m).[6] They speak Jotunstein and Jotun.[4]


Stone giants prefer temperate mountain ranges as their habitat.[3]


Stone giant family bonds are less important than the bonds between a master and his pupil.[6] The ordering of stone giant society is based upon an individual's artistic ability.[7]


A subrace of stone giants known as Ash giants live in the Black Ash Plain in eastern Faerûn. They are approximately the same size as stone giants. They have hairless grey skin and deep set black eyes and often smear themselves with ash as camouflage. Some ash giants are shaman.[2]


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