Stone sphere is an evocation spell that conjures a spherical stone that can crush enemies.


You create a smoothly polished, 5-foot-diameter sphere of stone that moves under your control at a speed of 30 feet. The stone sphere can be destroyed with weapons or spells, but this can take a while.

On the round in which you cast the spell, the stone sphere appears at the spot you designate within the spell’s range, and you may direct its movement as a free action. On subsequent rounds, you must actively direct the stone sphere in order to move it; otherwise, it remains motionless. Directing the movement of the stone sphere in the rounds after its initial appearance requires a move action.

If you move the stone sphere into an enemy creature's square, it deals damage to every creature in that square based on their size. The sphere cannot roll into any square occupied by a Gargantuan or Colossal creature.

The sphere must stop moving after it rolls over one occupied square, finishing its move in an adjacent square. If the stone enters a square occupied by a Medium or smaller creature, it can stop there, forcing the target to move to a single adjacent square of its choice (which provokes attacks of opportunity).

Material componentsEdit

A smooth sphere of marble 1 inch in diameter.