The stone sword was a unique weapon that could be found within the Rainbow Monastery in the Hordelands.[1]


The stone sword was ancient, forged long ago during a period of conflict in Solon's history.[1]


This sword looked as if it were made entirely out of stone. However, it was much sharper that most steel swords.[1]


When wielded, the stone sword behaved like many other magical swords, making it much easier for the wielder to hit their opponent. However, if a single word of anger was uttered by the wielder while the stone sword was in their possession, the sword would instantly spring into their hand and they would be magically compelled to battle the source of their anger to the death. Once the first word of anger was invoked, the sword became a cursed weapon, making it more difficult to strike targets. The cursed stone sword would always leap into the wielder's hand during combat, disallowing the use of any other weapons.[1]

The only way to get rid of the stone sword once an angry word was spoken was through a remove curse spell or a wish.[1]



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