Stonekiller was a dwarf adventurer in Maztica.[1]


Stonekiller was going about his business when he was snatched by a cadre of riders and dragged back to Ulatos. There he met newcomers from Faerûn. When he was finally put back out on the street, he was full of curiosity about these strangers. He wanted answers to all his questions and believed that he could find it in Nexal.[1]


Stonekiller was fascinated by the Amnians, whom he believed were crazier than Nexalans, for their love of gold and their blinding curiosity. He also did not understood why the newcomers knew about the ancient dwarf gods and why the newcomers knew about the Viperhands monsters.[1]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Stonekiller is a pre-generated Maztican PC for use in adventures in Maztica.


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