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Storm Horn Mountains, circa 1372 DR
Storm Horns
Geographical information
Aliases Storm Horn Mountains
Area Cormyr

Inhabitants of the Storm Horns
Locations in the Storm Horns
Organizations in the Storm Horns
Settlements in the Storm Horns

The Storm Horns is the name given to the mountains that mark the western and northern frontier of Cormyr. They are wild and untamed, the cliffs and crags teeming with monsters. When the extra-dimentional city of Grodd[as of when?] was drawn closer to the Prime Material Plane, gates started to open and close in these mountains.[citation needed]


The mountains form an unbroken line of jagged peaks except for High Horn Pass and Gnoll Pass, the only easy routes, both of which are defended by Cormyr.[1]

Geographical featuresEdit

High Horn 
One of the tallest peaks in the region at 1000 feet (305m).[citation needed]


- The Storm Horns and Northern Cormyr in 1372 DR.

- The Storm Horns in 1372 DR.


These mountains were once home to several strongholds of an ancient goblin empire. The empire fell to dwarven attacks, long before humans appeared in Cormyr.[citation needed] The tribes of the mountains in present-day Faerûn occasionally launch raids, although some have learnt to trade peacefully.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

As of 1372 DR there were two human settlements in the mountains: Eagle Peak and Skull Crag.[1][2] These settlements are usually bounded behind log palisades to protect them from the dangers outside. In recent times[as of when?] the ravaging armies of the Goblin Wars have resulted in many of these settlements being deserted.[citation needed]

Eagle Peak 
A small hamlet and popular caravan stop.[2]
High Horn 
A large military hold near to the peak of the same name.[citation needed]
Skull Crag 
A small mining community.[2]


They are inhabited by dragons and tribes of humanoids, and some orc survivors of the attack on Arabel have made their home in the eastern Storm Horns and the flatland beneath.[1]



Further readingEdit

3rd Edition D&D


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