Stormlords were divine spellcasters serving Talos, who were able to wield thunder and lightning in the same way a fighter wielded a weapon.[2]


Shocking Weapon/Thundering weapon
A stormlord could enchant a spear or thrown weapon with electricity, making it give electric shocks to the stomlord's opponent. As the stormlord grew in power they could also add a thundering enchantment to their weapon, making it unleash a noise like a thunderclap when an opponent was struck.[2]
Resistance to Electricity
A stormlord gained resistance to electricity-based weapons and spells, and eventually gained complete immunity to electricity.[2]
Storm Walk
A stormlord could walk through a storm unaffected by acts of nature's fury. This ability could also be passed to a stormlord's mount.[2]
Storm Ride
A stormlord could fly during a storm.[2]
Elemental Conflagration
A stormlord could summon a quartet of elementals, one of each type—air, fire, earth and water.[2]
Enhanced Weapon
A stormlord was particularly adept at fighting with spears and thrown weapons. Any such weapon wielded by a stormlord would strike its target more often and inflict greater wounds than it would have had it been wielded by someone without stormlord training.[3]
Extended Storm Avatar
Once per day, a stormlord could polymorph into an elemental. While polymorphed, the stormlord traveled at twice their usual speed, became difficult to knock down or harm with missile weapons, and inflicted electrical damage with each attack in melee.[3]


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