King Strohm III was a king of Tethyr.[1] He was perhaps most famous for an epic battle he waged against the drow in the Marching Mountains.[2]


Strohm III was rumored to have been a giant. In any case, he was peerless as a warrior, and many tales were told of his great prowess in combat.[3]


Strohm III was the great-great-great-grandson of Strohm II, who was a half-elf[1] and thus long-lived, which was why Strohm III succeeded his great-great-great-grandfather as king of Tethyr instead of his own father.

Strohm III had at least three sons.[1]


Strohm III was born in the Year of the Hungry Jaws, 715 DR. He was crowned king at the age of twenty years in the Year of the Prophet's Child, 735 DR.[1]

Strohm III fought many wars during his reign as king,[3] beginning in 737 DR, when he led Tethyr in battle against the last remnants of the realm of Tathtar. Five years later, he engaged the drow in a war that would encompass more than thirty battles, most of which took place in the Forest of Mir. He also waged war, together with the elves of Shilmista, against the beholders of Cortryn in 747 DR.[4]

Upon Strohm's death in 769 DR, his third son and a warrior like his father, Strohm IV, became king in his stead.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

A tale was often told of how Strohm and his general alone slew 5,000 drow during a battle that lasted two full days. This battle took place on a hill known as Argentor in the eastern Marching Mountains during a solar eclipse.[2]



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