The Stronghold of the Nine was an underground cavern complex on the banks of the Unicorn Run.[1]


Originally a dwarven hold, it was abandoned and fell into ruin until The Nine rediscovered and renovated it. It was claimed that the citadel was guarded by nagas and golems as well as The Nine themselves, all of whom were powerful adventurers. It was believed that most of the group's accumulated treasure was stored within.[2]

When The Nine finished their work restoring the place, several of them effectively retired there, going on less and less frequent adventures. When Laeral Silverhand brought the Crown of Horns back with her to the Stronghold in 1337 DR, her fellows were gripped with a desire to possess it and their secure home transformed into a battleground as The Nine and their followers battled each other. Four members of the group died and their outposts on the surface were abandoned as the battles became more concentrated underground. Many of the magical defenses in place failed as the last three living spellcasters concentrated on the infighting.[2]

Eventually, in 1357 DR, Khelben Arunsun ventured into the hold to find Laeral, quite mad under the influence of the Crown, and took her from that place to convalesce after freeing her from its influence.[citation needed]



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