Sujin Makoto was the magistrate of Kudoku and secretly the supreme leader of the Five Deadly Shadows in 1479 DR.[1]


Sujin was born into a samurai family of Kudoku but used his talents for evil, founding the Five Deadly Shadows. They slowly infiltrated the city, corrupting everything.[1]

When rumors of the corruption reached the ears of the provincial governor in 1479 DR, she sent the magistrate Hiro Yun. Step by step, Hiro efficiently shut down all the gang's operations and arrested most of its members until only the five leaders remained. Hiro challenged the assassins but in the end was defeated. After Hiro's defeat, Sujin posed as a merchant and managed to be elected as the new magistrate of the town.[1]

Later an adventuring party confronted and defeated him.[1]


Sujin was an evil individual. Surprising even himself, he appreciated his role as magistrate and his conscience started to surface.[1]


His true identity was a well-guarded secret among the Five Deadly Shadows.[1]


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