Suldanessellar was an elven city in the Forest of Tethir. It was ruled by Queen Ellesime and housed the Tree of Life.[citation needed] The city was a meeting place for elves and their tribes; a location all elves of the forest called home at one time or another.[1]

Nestled around and above the Swanmay's Glade, the settlement's lowest dwellings were 50 feet above the ground and the first bridges among the branches began another 50 feet above that. There were only three entrances to the settlement above from the forest floor and these tree-trunk secret doors were well hidden.


While elves regularly patrolled the areas surrounding Suldanessellar, they did not stop local animals, especially fey, from entering. Among the types of creatures that regularly wandered within the city's borders were dryads, centaurs and satyrs.[1]



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