Suliyar was a rakshasa rajah in service to Set in Mulhorand in 1357 DR.


Suliyar was a member of The Fangs of Set. He was always accompanied by four rakshasa bodyguards, one whom Hodkamset wanted to use in his plot. He usually stalked the streets of Skuld in search of humans to kill. Suliyar posed as a mercenary.[1]


Suliyar was exiled from his homeland east of Raurin, where he had ruled a great rakshasa tribe. He was found by Nekiset to recruit him to the service of Set.[1]


Suliyar was a proud and savage creature. He believed that helping Set would grant him the rule of a great empire. He enjoyed killing humans, especially initiates of Horus-Re.[1]


Suliyar did not care much for his companions in the Fang sof Set but sometimes found deviousness amusing.[1]



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