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Sumi-ko was the younger daughter of Funada Toyoo in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Sumi-ko was promised in marriage by her father to the son of a daimyo of a far place but this son died and from then she was free from arranged marriage until her father not found an other good candidate. At a a moon-viewing party Sumi-ko met the handsome Nagoya Kenko and fall in love for him. They started a illicit romance. However Funada Genzo discovered the matter and in order to protect his half-sister payed a visit to Kenko menacing him but this only made Kenko angry[2]


Sumi-ko was impetuous and foolishness like most girl, she was naive enough to believed the advances of any handsome man who might court her. Sumi-ko only fear was becoming an old maid.[1] She fall in love with Kenko but in time she will understand that he not love her.[2]



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