Sumitomo Yoichi was the former heir of Doi No Fugu and a ninja in 1360 DR.[1]


Yoichi was the older son of Sumitomo Koji, master of the Doi No Fugu, destined to inherit the inn and the position of chef. However Yoichi always dreamed of adventures and samurai, fascinating by stories of travelers, that he told to younger Sumitomo Toyo and Sumitomo Skoshi. When his father decided as tradition dictated to send him outside Maeshi Province for training as a chef Yoichi disappeared. He somehow become a ninja in the Ono Kumi in north Kozakura under the new name of Ono Arieki. In 1360 his boss Ono Noburo told him of a special mission: went in Maeshi in the Doi No Fugu inn to recover the Seven Swords from an adventuring party. Noburo explained that for cover trails he must kill all people inside the inn.[1] He planned a very meticulous plan, capturing the Sumitomos and with his ninja posing as them before the adventurers' arrive. However the adventurers, also thank to Haka Kinnori, defeated the ninja[2]


Yoichi was resigned to the death of his family, now his family were the Ono ninja. However he not want kill innocent people, only their targets.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

Even if Yoichi survived there 30% choice that killed himself



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