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Sunbeam, also known as sunray, was an evocation spell that allowed the caster to repeatedly fire destructive beams of sunlight.[1][2][3]


There were two known versions of this spell. The newer version, sunbeam, had a range of 60 ft (18.3 m), gave a number of beams proportional to the experience of the druid, and harmed and possibly blinded all in its path.[1] The older version, sunray, had fewer beams and could only blind normal creatures, but was particularly effective against undead, blasting out 10 ft (3 m) wide beams with greater range that could do collateral damage to any undead within 20 ft (6.1 m) of the central corridor of destruction.[2][3]

The caster could move between blasts, but any other action would end the spell. Otherwise, the spell lasted until the duration was up, or until the maximum number of beams had been fired, whichever came first.[1][2][3]

Creatures that did not shield their eyes in time were blinded for a few minutes,[1][2][3] and those using some form of low-light vision were more severely affected.[2][3] Creatures particularly vulnerable to sunlight could be permanently blinded[2][3] and doubly harmed.[1]

With sunbeam, damage to undead was proportional to the experience of the druid.[1] With sunray, the damage was more moderate but added collateral damage as noted above.[2][3] For both versions of this spell, the full effect was sufficient to destroy any undead specifically vulnerable to sunlight, such as vampires.[1][2][3]

The ultraviolet light generated by the spell withered fungi, mold, oozes, slimes, jellies, puddings, and fungoid creatures just as if they were undead creatures.[1][2][3]


Sunbeam required verbal and somatic components as well as the druid's holy symbol or divine focus.[1] Sunray also required an aster seed and a small sunstone.[2][3]


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