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Sundabar map
Geographical information
Aliases Citadel Sundabar
Size Large city
Area Silver Marches
Societal information
Humans 54%
Dwarves 33%
Gnomes 8%
Halflings 8%
Half-elves 1%
Others 1%
Religion Tyr, Torm, Helm
Population 14,259 in 1372 DR
Imports Grain, livestock, fruit, lumber, textiles
Exports Armor, clay wares, copper, furniture, gold, lumber, pelts, silver, tools, weapons
Political information
Ruler Master Helm Dwarf-Friend in 1372 DR

Inhabitants of Sundabar
Locations in Sundabar
Organizations in Sundabar

Sundabar is a defensible, dwarven-built fortress that became a refuge for Prince Simberuel Astalmé of Ascalhorn and his collected survivors. As the years rolled on, the humans grew in number until emerging as the dominant race of a bastion city against the dangers of the North.[1]


Sundabar was located in Sundabar Vale on the western side of Silverymoon Pass. The Rauvin Mountains and Citadel Felbarr were upriver on the River Redrun. The nearest towns were Rauvincross downriver, Baraskur to the east, and Auvandell in the western Nether Mountains. Sundabar was directly connected to Citadel Adbar by the Dead Orc Pass, but only the most daring (or foolish) of travelers took that route.[2]

Beneath Sundabar was a volcano rift known as the Everfire.[3].


The city was a trading hub for ore from Citadel Adbar and the dwarves of Fardrimm.[2] It was also the source of magical weapons enchanted by the Everfire volcano.[3]. Sundabar was connected to Silverymoon via the Silverymoon to Sundabar (Road).[4] Sundabar was connected to Everlund via the Everlund to Sundabar (Trail).[citation needed]


Helm Dwarf-Friend wisely taxed his people (not unfairly) and used the proceeds to shore up Sundabar's defenses against orc attacks, which occurred every two or three years.[3]. Sundabar was defended primarily by a double wall and mercenaries, including Helm Dwarf-Friend's Bloodaxe Mercenary Company.[2]


Every hundred years the labyrith of death took place in Sundabar.[citation needed]


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