A sunwyrm was a dangerous draconic predator that hunted from the skies above deserts and savannas.[1]


A sunwyrm looked like a dragon with shining scales that visibly radiated heat, and wings that glowed with a brilliant light. It had a fanged mouth and large horns, and an almost-liquid light seemed to seep from its eyes. It had eight legs, and a long tale tipped with a pulsating sphere of energy.[1]


Since sunwyrms constantly emitted bright light, they positioned themselves between their prey and the sun, eliminating their shadows and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Against more powerful foes, sunwyrms preferred to remain hidden until they had an opportunity to unleash their breath weapon: a line of blazing yellow energy that passed harmlessly through non-living matter, but which was devastating to living creatures.

If forced into melee, a sunwyrm could turn its claws and teeth into pure energy to unleash devastating bite and claw attacks. A sunwyrm could convert its entire body into pure energy, becoming incorporeal but losing its ability to make physical attacks. Touching a sunwyrm in energy form did no damage to living creatures.[1]


Sunwyrms spent most of their life soaring through the air, searching for prey to eat. A sunwyrm's digestive system converted its food into pure energy, which glowed from its tail, eyes, and wings. Like most dragons, they had an almost obsessive love of treasure, particularly gold and gems.[1]


Sunwyrms spoke Common, Auran, Ignan, and Draconic.[1]

Notable sunwyrmsEdit



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