Surbar was a coastal city of Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn.[1]


Surbar was sheltered safely within the bay of the Golden Water. It stood on the coast, southwest of the Galuil Mountains.[note 1] Sunrise in springtime made the Mountains of Gold a beautiful sight.[1]


Around 1367 DR, Surbar and its environs were governed by Baron Kasnchil. He was corrupt and greedy, yet the serfs thought he made the city prosper.[1]


Surbar received most of the gold and iron mined from the mountains. Metalworking, weapon-smithing, shipping, and spices were Surbar's primary industries. Baron Kasnchil's policy of accepting all kinds of trade through Surbar made it a popular port and a prosperous city, but this knew no limits: even Dambrathan pirates could dock there to resupply and refit.[1]


Surbar was home to nearly 15,000 people, making it the second-largest city in Ulgarth. More than anywhere else in the kingdom, demihumans were common here, thanks to the dwarven mining trade from the mountains.[1]



  1. The source says "southeast of the Galuil Mountains", but this must be in error. On the maps, Surbar is depicted to the southwest of the nearby mountains.


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