Surelife was a rare abjuration spell unique to those who worshiped deities within the repose domain.


This spell allowed the caster to protect himself against a deadly condition. Conditions varied but included being immersed in boiling oil, buried under an avalanche, etc. This spell only offered protection against natural conditions or occurrences. No protection was gained against conditions created by monsters or spells that mimicked natural conditions.

The caster specified the condition from which they needed protection, and the spell would only protect against that condition. Should the caster be subjected to the specified condition during the duration of the spell, they felt no discomfort and took no damage from the condition. However, the spell did not protect items carried by the caster. At the end of the spell's duration, the condition had full normal effects on the caster if they were still subjected to it.


This spell required ointment of peach syrup and cinnabar to cast.