Surkazar was a county in Tethyr located on the western foothills of the Omlarandin Mountains.[1]


County Surkazar was known for its beautiful, pastoral landscapes as much as for its danger from monsters from the mountains. The region contained Tethyr's largest population of sheep and had a large military presence.[1]


Located in the Duchy of Suretmarch, Surkazar neighbored counties Alonmarch and Mirkazar. The Omlarandins were its eastern border, and the River Ith flowed to the north.[3]


Count Oon Santele, the Battalion Chancellor of Tethyr, ruled this county in 1370 DR. He was not a particularly talented organizer, but he had good councilors who helped him rule. The county seat was in Colbertann.[1]

Notable LocationEdit

The fortified city of Saradush was located in Surkazar.[1]



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