Suth, also called suthwood,[1] was a type of tree found in the south of Faerûn. The name "suth" was thought to be a corruption of "south".[2]


Suth trees had gray bark and olive-green leaves. The leaves of the suth tree were long, soft, and fluffy, but with a small spike at the end. Their growth was peculiar: the branches grew almost horizontally, extending out for a distance then changing angle and even doubling back. A few suth trees growing close together would become intertwined with one another and become impossibly tangled. This formed an impenetrable screen or wall, barring passage to all who could not fly overhead or crawl under the lowest branches.[2]


The wood of the suth tree (called "suth-wood") was particularly hard and durable, making it difficult to carve without very fine tools. Even thin sheets of suthwood remained hard for decades, making it popular for use in book covers. It was also often used in the creation of shields, as it never shattered or flew apart, only cracked under a devastating blow, and would not catch fire if soaked in water prior to battle.[2]


Suth trees grew around the edges of the Shaar, in the forests of Chondath, and deeper in the Shining South.[2] The Forest of Amtar was composed mainly of suth.[1] The Gnollwatch Mountains and Curna Mountains were dotted with suth.[3]


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