Sword Coast Legends is a role-playing video game developed by n-Space and Digital Extremes, released on October 20th, 2015. The game features tactical, party-based combat, as well as a "Dungeon Master" mode that emulates the group dynamic of tabletop Dungeons & Dragons. The game's main storyline is set in the Sword Coast region of Faerûn, around the time of Rage of Demons. Similar to Neverwinter, Sword Coast Legends will receive content packs that coincide with Forgotten Realms tabletop storylines as they are released.

After n-Space shut down on March 29th 2016, Digital Extremes announced that it would continue to support Sword Coast Legends in regard to the development of downloadable content and porting the game to consoles.[2] The first piece of DLC - Rage of Demons - was released on May 18th 2016, including an expansion to the single player campaign; playable tiefling characters; the warlock class and several additions for Dungeon Masters.[3]


Legend says that after the Time of Troubles, the goddess Sehanine Moonbow wept for the dead. Her tear crystallised into an artifact, the Moontear, which apparently held some of Sehanine's divine essence. The tear was hidden by the elves, it was said, but two brothers, Roth and Gareth Dawntreader formed the Order of the Burning Dawn to find and use the power within for the betterment of the world. Shortly afterward, the brothers fell when they bound themselves to the balor Belaphoss, who wished to use the Moontear to ascend to godhood. The Burning Dawn lost their purpose and became just another mercenary company.

The game begins 100 years later, with you as a junior member of the Burning Dawn, escorting a trade caravan along the High Road from Neverwinter to Luskan. You and your fellow guild members have all been suffering similar nightmares when the caravan is attacked by bandits.



Aleema MeddlebrookArnaxAshen PriestBelamy LightfingersBelaphossBryn LightfingersDalanir Ch'fyrFelockGareth DawntreaderGillGwennanHommet ShawIllydia MaethellynIndra LucereIzhkinIzzaxuJarhild StoneforgeJaven TarmikosJessiaJessupLarethar GulgrinNeddyNysrin StoneforgeOtoPettlinRhylfangRianoss NiazzRichard BrewbanksRidrien KarstenRuthran BanagarShivanni GardpeckSoronil NoonshadowTasyllys Ch'fyrThangarThemberchaudTollinTorga BurduumWilfred BrewbanksWilliam Ray
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abyssal ratbearblack bearblack puddingbugbearcave bearchickenelfderrodire wolfdraeglothdretchdrowduergardwarffishgelatinous cubeghoulgiant ratgoblingold dwarfgrizzly bearhalf-elfhalflinghezrouhobgoblinhook horrorhumanhorseillithidimplightfoot halflingmastiffmoon elfochre jellyogreoniotyughphase spiderpigplagueburst ratquasitrabbitratshield dwarfskeletonspiderstrongheart halflingsuccubussun elftieflingtrollumber hulkvampirevrockwereratwolfwood elfworgzombie
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Purple worm


Buildings & Sites
CutlassIzzaxu's KilnMaferil's LyceumRhylfang's LairShattered SpireTomb of the Ashen PriestVintner's Keep
High Road
DarklakeEvermoorsForlorn CliffsNeverwinter Wood
Sword CoastUnderdark
Astral PlaneMaterial Plane
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AnaurochArajAraumycosBlingdenstoneBuried RealmsCalimportCalimshanChasmleap BridgeCitadel AdbarCitadel FelbarrCragsCormyrDaggerfordDragonspearEntemoch's BoonEverlundFardrimmFilthriddensGallery of AngelsGauntlgrymGlimmerwoodGravenhollowGraypeak MountainsGreenestGreycloak HillsHigh ForestHigh MoorIce MountainsIcewind DaleLabyrinthLeilonLlorkhLong ChasmLongsaddleLost PeaksLoudwaterLurkwoodMantol-DerithMaze EngineMenzoberranzanMirabarMithral HallNesméNether MountainsNeverlight GroveNeverwinterParnastPort LlastRauvin MountainsRed LarchRiver MirarSecomberSerpent HillsShaeradimSharnlandsShou LungSilverymoonSloobludopSouth WoodSpine of the WorldSpiral of the Horned KingStar MountsSuzailSword MountainsTen TownsTriboarTrollbark ForestVast ObliviumVelkynvelveWaterdeepWestbridgeWestgateWormwrithingsYartar


Magic items
Aegis of HelmEldingarGoliath ClubImmovable BootsMoontearShield of SlothTorga's Pyre


Bregan D'aertheDead RatsHarpell familyKnights of the Gilded EyeOrder of the Burning Dawn


GhaunadaurHelmLolthSehanine Moonbow
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Arabellan DryBelbuckBlack Boot StoutkaethLuiren's Besttea
baeranthDeath Cheese
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Arlo's Ashaben Alesava



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