The Sword Dancers were a faction within the Everlasting in 1367 DR.[note 1][1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Sword Dancers were based in the fortress of Sarahin located deep within the Haunted Lands.[1]


This young faction held beliefs that often clashed with the views of other holy slayer groups.[1]

The used fiery cleansing rituals, fasting, and ecstatic dancing to heighten their powers.[1]


The Court of Rhythm served as the origin of the Sword Dancers.[1]

The Unclean viewed the Sword Dancers as allies and the perfect complement to their sorcerous might.[1]


The Sword Dancers were led by an efreeti named Farouk Abd al-Bazan. There were 43 members as of 1367 DR.[1]



  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.


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