Swords Pool was a village in the Vast, lying on the North Road between Dead Tree Hollow and King's Reach.[1]


The village lay in a wooded dell on the North Road. It served as a stopover for travelers, and was notable for its high-quality inn, the Inn of the Nine Swords, which stood on the western side of the road. Around 1370 DR, it was owned by the three Mellicot sisters: Melicent, Meliors, and Melusine.

Behind the inn lay Swords Pool itself, a deep and dark body of water. The Mellicots stocked the pool with trout and a type of fish they called "manyfins". They discouraged fishing, but some people did it anyway on dark nights.[1]

Local legendsEdit

The pool was the source of a local treasure tale that gave it, the village, and the inn their names. In the early history of the Vast,[1] when the Nine Swords Company disbanded, the famous sage, wizard, and swordsage Thallastam of Procampur concealed his companions' nine swords in the pool using a spell he'd cast,[2] to protect and preserve them.[1]

In the mid-1370s DR, several young blade magicians of the Vast re-founded the Nine Swords Company, and used the Inn of the Nine Swords.[2]


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