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Swords of the iron legion cover
Swords of the Iron Legion
Basic Information
Author(s) Bill Connors, Christopher Mortika, Rick Reid, Scott Bennie, John Terra, Jay Batista, Roy Schelper, Rick Swan
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Type Adventure
Binding Paperback
Released April 1988[1]
Pages 64
ISBN 10 0-88038-559-6
ISBN 13 978-0880385596
Ravening armies sweep across the land! Vast hordes of foul monsters lay seige to mighty cities! Tremendous battles are fought to decide the fate of entire lands-and you are in command!

Swords of the Iron Legion is an anthology of adventures set in the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting for large-scale battle using the BATTLESYSTEM rules for mass combat. The adventures, written by a group of talented designers, range from simple skirmishes to all-out wars! Flying creatures, war machines, fortifications, and plaenty of other twists ensure that each scenario is more than a simple bash-'em-up. Some adventures also include roleplaying opportunities for characters, who get a chance to perform individual heroics to lead their armies to victory!

These adventures are suitable for one-time play, or they can be inserted with ease into an existing campaign. Complete descriptions of the armies, special characters, terrain, and other interesting features to guarantee you hours of fun on a grand scale are included in each adventure.


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