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The Swords of the Lady, commonly called the Lunatics, were a fanatical order devoted to the goddess Selûne the Moonmaiden.[1][2]


The order was led by a handful of crusaders, mystics, and silverstars.[1] The group comprised clerics, druids, rangers, and mystic wanderers.[2]


Their actions were widely regarded as strange and eccentric, and people thought them mad, hence their nickname, "Lunatics".[1][2]

However, when the Swords of the Lady responded to threats from the goddess Shar the Nightsinger, they acted swiftly, logically, and ruthlessly.[1][2] These zealots were ready to die for their faith. However, thanks to their close association with the church of Selûne, death was usually temporary.[2]

They could travel great distances in a short time, suggesting the order commanded teleportation magic or had access to a network of fey crossroads and backroads.[2][3]


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