Sylara was an adventurer operating in Cormyr in the 1350s DR. She was a member of the Moon's Twelve company.[1][2]


Circa 1357 DR, the Moon's Twelve embarked on an expedition into the notorious Vast Swamp of eastern Cormyr. It was to be their last.[1][2]

Amidst the flooded forest, they were said to have discovered a complex of ruined structures as old and as extensive as the famous Myth Drannor. This too was of elven architecture, with carvings and murals illustrating elven kings and mages, all of which seemed to point to a heretofore unknown and forgotten elf kingdom that had once stood in the lands where the Vast Swamp now lay.[1][2]

However, the Moon's Twelve were then ambushed by a shocking great number of mind flayers, who were seemingly allied with a few powerful beholders. Pursued by these monstrosities, the Moon's Twelve fled the ruins and the swampland.[1][2]

Sylara was the only member of the band to survive and make it back to something like civilization, meeting Brother Twick, a cleric of Chauntea. Delirious with a fever contracted in the marshes, Sylara raved about their discoveries and the disaster that had befallen them,[1][2] before she died.[2] The truth of this tale and the elven ruins is unknown, but a number of other treasures of elven make, bearing elven imagery and archaic Espruar script, coming separately out of the Vast Swamp supported the Moon's Twelve's discovery.[1]



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