Syllia Adarbrent was a female Illuskan human fighter of the noble house of Adarbrent in Waterdeep. Syllia was the captain of the Hippocampus, the flagship of the Horizon Armada, a noble-owned fleet headed by her family, the Adarbrents. She was also a member of the Harpers.[1]


Syllia had a quick fiery temper and an equal tenacity. She could also be impulsive. Syllia was also a natural-born sailor.[1]


She had flame-red hair.[1]


In the spring of 1371 DR, she acted on impulse and married her lover and fellow Harper Farid yn Fahd al Nisr, a choice not appreciated by her family. Just a few months later, the two departed for New Waterdeep in Maztica, apparently intending to explore further. Unfortunately, Farid's father was Fahd yn Sarsor al Nisr and, unknown to the Adarbrents, a First Yrshelem of the Rundeen. He had plans to gain control of the Adarbrent's shipping business and its wealth.[1]



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