Synilla was a monk at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[1]


Synilla had a great anger inside her. She was gruff, blunt, and quick to anger. Her frustration at her lack of artistic abilities caused her corruption. After her actions against Mother Savahn, she believed herself to be irredeemable.[1]


Synilla had recently joined the cultists who infiltrated the monastery in 1491 DR.[1] She pretended to discover Mother Savahn unconscious after falling down the tower's stairs, but in truth this had been caused by a cordial that the cultists had sent to her.[2]


Synilla was a monk in the Monastery of the Yellow Rose and a member of the Order of Chisel of the Disciples of St. Sollars the Twice-Martyred. She had recently been appointed Keeper of the Tower. Secretly, she was also a member of the Cult of the Howling Hatred.[1]




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