Syr'daun Hunzrin was a member of House Hunzrin and master of Melee-Magthere in 1479 DR.[1]


Syr'daun knew that many despised him for his origins, supposedly coming from a house of farmers. He wanted to bring honor to his house through his martial skill. He preferred more open methods than the secret coalition of merchants formed by his matron mother, Shakti Hunzrin. He often asked his cousin Keptus Hunzrin, the house weapon master, to support his idea to openly attack a stronger rival house.[1]


Syr'daun was renowned for his skill with the glaive.[1]


Syr'daun was a cousin of his matron mother and a revered master of the Academy, although he did not receive all the respect that he deserved because of his house's supposedly humble origins.[1]



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