Szwentil Illeon was the wealthiest man in Marsember, Cormyr around 1367 DR.[2]


He was one of the six founders of the Six Coffers Market Priakos, owner of The Roaring Griffon,[2] and was rumored to be worth over six million gold pieces. He was so wealthy that he was able to buy enough of anything to manufacture a shortage, although he preferred to avoid doing this to remain somewhat anonymous. He was rumored to be involved in smuggling. Szwentil lived in his private residence, Stormwinds Towers, and was always surrounded by bodyguards, including battlemages.[1]


Szwentil was slim and youthful in appearance, and always dressed neatly in black.[1]


Szwentil was set on constructing as many ships and buildings as possible in Sembia, and buying as much land as possible in Cormyr and Sembia, in order to increase his power.[1]


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