T'Kalah, known by most as Black Claws, was a sahuagin prince after the Twelfth Serôs War.[1]


T'Kalah was born in 941 DR as a mutant with four arms.[1]

Around 1290 DR, he joined the royal guard by winning a duel, despite losing an arm.[1]

After the death of King Kromes and the destruction of the kingdom of Aleaxtis by a volcanic eruption in early 1369 DR, T'Kalah used this opportunity to challenge to Prince Githax to a duel, killing him. However, with the arrival of Iakhovas, he was forced to submit.[1]

T'Kalah followed Iakhovas loyally in the Twelfth Serôs War until the month of Uktar when tritons joined Iakhovas's enemies and Iakhovas led his troops to Myth Nantar. T'Kalah and two other princes at this point abandoned the war, going back to sahuagin territories.[2]

After the war, the sahuagin kingdom was in chaos and T'Kalah easily defeated the remaining princes, emerging as the leader of his race. Soon T'Kalah sent his followers to build the colony of Balath among the Mountains of Volar.[1]

In 1370 DR, following an ancient sahuagin tradition, he founded a city with his name upon the ruin of an elven city. Soon, the city of T'Kalah became the most powerful sahuagin city ever seen in Serôs. Its position also boosted the probability of malenti being born in the following hatching, guaranteeing T'Kalah with many spies to use.[1]



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