T'an-zao the Gajin was a bandit leader in Kozakura in 1357 DR.[1]


T'an-zao led a bandit gang with around 400 members, of all kinds of origin, with a group of lieutenants and a mainland wu jen in his service. They were based in a secluded valley.[1]


T'an-zao was an explorer from the Plain of Horses who, in 1347 DR, was shipwrecked in Kozakura with his entourage and started life as a bandit. Many times, Niwa Hirotada sent expeditions to eradicate T'an-zao's bandit group but he always retreated.[1]


T'an-zao was a brilliant tactician, fusing tactics from his homeland with Kozakuran ones. He had a very capable cavalry. From his homeland, T'an-zao learned only death and plunder. He was clever but vindictive. However, T'an-zao recognized his weaknesses.[1]



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