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T'lindhet was a drow city 3 mi (4.83 km) beneath the Gnollwatch Mountains which sat on top of a huge plateau in a large cavern. An underground river split as it approached the plateau, and rejoined itself on the other side.[3]

Outside of the city, on the cavern floor was a market village where merchants from the surface and the Underdark gathered to trade, making a wide variety of goods from all over Faerûn available at reasonable prices.[4]

Prior to the Spellplague the city exerted some control over Dambrath but the upheavals of the Spellplague sealed the route to that realm.[2]


Fourteen drow noble Houses vied for control of the city and the lands of Dambrath.[1]

Sixteen noble houses of T'lindhet fought each other for control of the city.[2]



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