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Tabra was the proprietor of a festhall in Bargewright Inn.[1]


Despite keeping her skill with magic a secret, Tabra always had a full complement of spells available, most notably, the incredibly powerful Netherese spell dragonshape. She only used it when in intense personal danger or to defend her town of Bargewright Inn against powerful attackers.[1]


Tabra was once an apprentice of the wizard Ioulaum, one of the last remaining Netherese sorcerer-kings after the fall of Netheril. Though Ioulaum was slain in a spell battle with a cabal of a dozen alhoon, his greatest spell, Ioulaum's longevity was found by Tabra. She cast the spell on herself before destroying every last record of it. As the spell required the death of one mage for each year of life the caster desired to attain, she systematically exterminated a colony of over 2000 illithids who were about to sacrifice her to some dark deity.[1]

In 1372 circa, however, Tabra was captured by the Shadovar and brought to the City of Shade.[2] Tabra awoke from the stasis where the shadovar had put her on 1487 DR thank to the death of Telamont Tanthul. In revenge she set out to destroy surviving Shadovar arcanists. Some time later Tabra resurfaced and competed with other archmages for the possess of the Lost Spell during a spellstorm[3]


There were rumblings that Tabra was perhaps a gold dragon in human disguise that was guarding a hidden hoard of treasure and wealth under her home.[1]



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