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Tahlshara is a magic two-handed sword sometimes considered to be the greatest elven weapon ever made. It drastically improves its wielder's armour and can only be wielded by elves (except drow) – death often being the result of a non-elf handling it. It has leaves and vines carved into its surface with knotwork on the hilt. The name of the sword is present around the ferrule. The sword can be used to cast any high magic spell, or any of teleport without error, spellstrike, sunburst, spelltrap, turnshadow, or teleport dead. It is one of the three Great Treasures of Evermeet and is possessed by Queen Amlaruil Moonflower.[1]

History Edit

The sword was the life's work of the elven armorer Kythaela Durothil. It is thought that its creation took over one hundred and fifty years and that Kythaela deliberately extended her life to complete it.[2]

Notes Edit

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