Taichi was the magical advisor of the Funada clan in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Taichi lived in the mountains surrounding Nakamaru and went to the city only if called by his lord, Funada Mitsuhide. Taichi delighted in collecting and hoarding odd magics. Taichi had a habit of hopping gently on one foot if kept waiting or otherwise impatient.[1]


Taichi helped Kogi and Bupposo in their prank against Tsuyoi-no-kami monks, knowing they did not respect his lord. However, afterward, for reasons known only to him, he helped O-Shino in her bloodless vengeance against the Kogi and Bupposo.[2]


Taichi had no wisdom or patience, but a keen and perceptive brain.[1] He initially like dthe prank of Kogi and Bupposo.[2]



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