Tajar was the most northerly of Zakhara's Pearl Cities.[1]


The city was located near the Golden Gulf on the banks of the Al-Adib River, at the nexus of different trade routes, making it the most important place to exchange all kinds goods in the whole Land of Fate apart from Golden Huzuz itself. Tajar was therefore appropriately named the "City of Trade".[1][3]


Tajar was packed with merchants selling every manner of ware. It was said that "If it is not available in Tajar, it is not available." Many of these merchants had no tolerance for amateurs. Clumsy haggling, providing inferior merchandise, and incompetence were often punished by confiscation, derision, and even imprisonment. Newcomers offering lower prices on the same items as established merchants were asked to raise their prices. If they ignored these requests they often disappeared. Disputes between merchants and customers were usually settled with blades. The city watch rarely interfered so long as permits were in order and taxes paid.[4]



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