Tak was a female doppelganger in the Moonsea.[2]


Posing as Doctor Jubal, she managed the wandering Doctor Jubal's Carnival of Curiosities.[2]


At the start of the Rage of Demons, Tak—posing as a half-elf—was hired by Doctor Jubal with the promise of helping her against the Great Law of Humanity of Hillsfar. However, she found that Jubal did not truly care about it. Meanwhile, whispers in her dreams told Tak to replace all humans with crazed mirror duplicates. So Tak decided to act, subduing Jubal and taking his position.

Afterward, she began kidnapping people and replacing them with mirror duplicates created by the carnival's mirror maze while the originals remained chained inside the maze and had their souls slowly consumed by the demon lord Graz'zt. The duplicates spread madness like an infection while the originals, without their souls, became mutated beings, totally loyal to Tak.[2]

However at the village of Hillpicket, Tak was unveiled and killed by some adventurers.[3]


Tak truly hated Hillsfar's politics. She wanted to show everyone that nonhumans were not the monsters that the First Lord had made them out to be.[2]




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