Takamal was the ruler of Kultaka in 1361 DR.[1]


Takamal originally was a great warrior that save Kultaka from the Nexalan armies led by Chalco, the nexalan ruler predecessor of Axalt, the father of Naltecona, around 1295.[2]

When Takamal heard of Cordell's victories over the Payits, he pondered alone whether he should meet the Golden Legion in peace or in war, but at last he decided for war.[1]

Takamal developed a good strategy, using the characteristics of the terrain to the advantage of the Kultakans. During the furious battle, he directed his troops together with his advisor Naloc and quickly understood that his opponents were normal humans. However, in order to turn the tide of the conflict, the mage Darien levitated to them and killed first Naloc and afterward Takamal.[1]




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