Takari Moonsnow was an Evereskan wood elf who served under Galaeron Nihmedu for many years as a desert border guard.[1]


A playful and happy elf, Takari was noted as being quite different in battle, where she was particularly focused. Like others of her kin, she was mistrusting of humans.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Takari grew up among the wood elves of the High Forest, in Reitheillaethor. It was not until Galaeron Nihmedu visited the High Forest that Takari considered leaving the woodland realms. She had fallen in love with the Evereskan elf and, despite Galaeron not reciprocating her feelings, Takari followed him in 1351 DR to Evereska and joined the Evereskan Tomb Guard.[1]

Evereska–Phaerimm WarEdit

She was estranged from Galaeron for a while and, during the later part of the Evereskaphaerimm war, she decided to bed Kuhl in order to get pregnant and thus be able to wield his family blade.[citation needed]

Following Kuhl's death, and the victory over the phaerimm, she traveled to Vaasa with Galaeron and Vala, where they presumably lived for the remainder of their days.[citation needed]




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