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Takenaka Okawa was the shikken of Kozakura in 1357 DR.[1]


Okawa became shikken in 1349 DR after the conclusion of the Hojo War, where the Takenaka clan gained supremacy over the Hojo clan, putting a puppet shogun on the throne. However, Takenaka Sugawara, the true military leader of the war, couldn't ascend to the shikken position because of his no blood ties to the shogun, a trait possessed instead by his half-brother, Okawa.[1]


Okawa was reserved and aloof, ambitious and very able in manipulate others. He was able in administrative works but not an inspired military leader or a good diplomat. Okawa considered Sugawara only a jealous man and was divided by the necessity to keep united his clan and frustration for Sugawara's actions against him[2]



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