Takenaka Sugawara was the hero of the Hojo War of Kozakura in 1357 DR.[1]


Sugawara led the Takenaka clan armies to victory in the Hojo War but after the end of the war in 1349 DR, he was unable to ascend to the position of shikken because of his lack of blood ties to the shogun, a trait possessed instead by his half-brother, Takenaka Okawa.[1]

Sugawara retired to his estate in the Iwari province, plotting a way to undermine Okawa and claim his position of ruler. Until then, he waited, recruiting allies.[2]


Sugawara was slow to anger and never fought without a good reason, but when he had to act, he was swift and decisive. Sugawara was a great military leader, very popular among his subordinates.[2]



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